English Learners

English Learner Resources

  • Rosetta Stone (Grades K - 12th)  Rosetta Stone is a Language Learning software with different levels of difficulty. 
  • ASL Kids’ Stories (Grades PreK - 6th)
    This site from the Sign Language Channel offers readings of a variety of children’s books in American Sign Language.  
  • BrainPOP ELL (Grades K - 12th)
    BrainPOP is providing free online access during current school closures.  Animated Educational Site for Kids - Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Arts & Music, Health, and Technology The free access includes BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr., BrainPOP ELL, BrainPOP Francais and BrainPOP Español.  Teachers can create a free account for their entire school rather than have different accounts for different teachers.  They have a collection of lesson plans, videos, printables, quizzes and other resources for remote learning. 
  • CommonLit (Grades 3rd - 12th)
    This site offers over 2,000 free reading and writing lessons. The lessons are available digitally and many are also available to download and print. Passages and information are available in English and in Spanish.  
  • Cuentos infantiles (Grades K - 3rd)
    This collection of stories and readings support family reading time and discussion about books and ideas.  The site offers a variety of genres as well as activities for families.  
  • Discover Para Escuchar en Español (Grades PreK - 6th)
    This site offers many free audible books for children to listen to in Spanish.  Supports building of vocabulary and listening skills in Spanish.
  • Discovery Education (Grades 3rd - 12th)
    Offers opportunities for free virtual field trips.  
  • Great! Schools.org (Grades PreK - 5th)
    This site offers free printable worksheets for grades PreK-5.  The site is available in English and in Spanish.  Worksheets are in English.  
  • International Children’s Digital Library (Grades K - 6th) 
    This site offers access to the best of children’s literature from around the world.  The books are offered in multiple languages. There are activities and teacher training manuals to go with the books.  
  • i-Ready Materials (Grades K - 8th)
    Curriculum Associates has free printable at-home activity packs to support students during school closures. They have information in English and in Spanish for parents.
  • ISL Collective (Grades K - 12th)
    This site offers a daily video lesson, grammar activities and movie clips with comprehension questions.  It also contains free, printable worksheets.  
  • Khan AcademyFrancophone (Grades 7th - 12th)
    Khan Academy offers academic support through video lesson for multiple topics in mathematics, science, computer science and economics in French
  • Migrant Literacy NET (MLN) (Grades K - 12th)
    This site offers a variety of diagnostic and practice activities in ELA and math for migrant and other students. Teachers can 
    set up an account and add students to their roster. The student diagnostic assessments and tutorials can be assigned based upon individual student needs. 
  • Newsela (Grades 2nd - 12th)
    Nonfiction reading about current events and more. Offering free subs
    cription for the remainder of 2019-2020 school year. All articles are in English where you can alter the reading level up/down for students and some articles are available in Spanish. 
  • North Carolina Resources for ELs During Remote Learning (Grades K - 8th)
    This site offers on-line and low/no tech resources to support English learners. The Low-to-No Tech resources offer a set of printable activities for ELs to work on that are translated into multiple languages.
  • Paco el Chato Libros en Línea (Grades 1st - 12th)
    This site offers Spanish language books with embedded discussion questions about the text. 
  • The Spanish Experiment (Grades PreK - 3rd)
    Well-known children's stories translated into Spanish and spoken by a native Spanish speaker. Great for kids... and adults too! Read along in Spanish or English to improve word recognition, fluency, and pronunciation.  
  • Unite for Literacy (Grades K - 3rd)
    This site offers free books for children to read along with in English or other languages.  The English versions are also offered with narration in English and translations in many languages.   
  • Voice of America (VOA) Learning English (Grades K - 12th)
    Learning English is VOA’s multimedia source of news and information for millions of English learners worldwide. They offer videos to supports language learning at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.
    • Beginning Level Let's Learn English - Level 1 and Level 2 programs are designed for beginning English learners by certified American English teachers. Ask a Teacher is a new program where learners can ask questions and teachers answer them. News Words is a short video explaining a word or term used in news stories.
    • Intermediate Level - Some language teaching methods are dull and disconnected from real life. People soon forget what they learn or focus on words and phrases without context. Learners absorb American English through content drawn from U.S. and world news, Health and Lifestyle, Science and Technology, Arts and Culture, and other topics. Learners can build vocabulary, strengthen speaking skills and improve the ability to communicate for work, school and everyday life. Audio programs and captioned videos - English in A Minute, English @ the Movies, Everyday Grammar TV and Learning English TV - are written using vocabulary at the upper-beginner and intermediate level. The programs are read one-third slower than normal English speed. Online texts, MP3s and podcasts let people read, listen and learn American English and much more.
    • Advanced Level - Advanced English learners can read classic literature with American Stories, learn idioms and expressions with Words and Their Stories, study with Everyday Grammar, and follow innovations and trends in Education in the U.S. and around the world. Let's Teach English and News Literacy are free online training programs for advanced learners and English teachers.